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How to Request an Insurance Appraisal From Normac

Video Transcription: 

Requesting an insurance appraisal proposal from Normac is simple with the Request a Quote form on our website. Simply head to and click the Request a Quote button. 

Fill in all of your contact information and property details and click submit. You can also save and come back later if needed. This form is sent directly to our Client Services team who will provide you with a proposal within 24 business hours.

When you receive your proposal, open the fillable PDF, review the document and quote, and fill out the authorization section. We will need the following to proceed:

1) Your signature, 2) the current insurable value of the property, 3) the date you require the report by, which we recommend aligning with your insurance renewal date, 4) site contact information so we can schedule an on-site inspection, 5) and your insurance broker information, if you would like us to send them a copy of the report.

Sign and return the form to us, along with a copy of the building plans. We will confirm receipt of your authorization and begin working on your appraisal right away. And that’s it! Contact us today for a proposal for your insurance appraisal needs.

Normac provides three-year appraisal programs with complimentary updates. 
Our industry-leading reports are prepared by replacement cost experts.

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