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BC Launches a New Strata Housing Website

Main page:
Find it Fast page:  (topics are listed as clickable links)

The website provides basic information about certain parts of the Strata Property Act, regulations and Standard Bylaws as a helpful starting point for strata owners, residents, and strata council members.  While the focus is on strata housing, strata legislation applies to all strata corporations.  It is important to note that the website is not a substitute for getting legal advice; it does not provide a legal interpretation of the Strata Property Act, regulations, bylaws and rules or court cases and how the courts have interpreted the legislative framework.


  • The website uses more plain language and more examples.
  • It uses the new government template which is mobile friendly.
  • It has new content and expanded content including:
    • Changes to Legislation
    • Insurance
    • The Role of Government
    • Living in a Strata
    • Bylaws and Rules Explained
    • Buying and Selling Strata” including “First Time Strata Owners

This site also provides links and references to other strata resources including:

  • Strata Associations”: CHOA, VISOA and CCI
  • Getting Legal Advice
  • Strata Legislation” with links to legislation and options for getting printed copies

Click HERE to visit the new strata housing website.


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