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Standard Insurable Unit Descriptions 101


SIUD stands for Standard Insurable Unit Description

A Standard Insurable Unit Description is an outline of all the standard finishings and fixtures of a condo unit based on original construction. It does not include any upgrades or betterments made by an individual owner.

What is the purpose of AN siud?

The purpose of the description is to provide clarity for condo boards and owners when determining the responsibility of insurance coverage in the case of a partial or total loss. All items listed in the SIUD would be the responsibility of the condo corporation’s insurance to replace; all other upgrades and betterments would be the responsibility of an individual owner’s personal property insurance.

Do we need one?

As of January 1, 2020, all condo corporations in Alberta are required to obtain an SIUD by their next insurance renewal.  This must be provided to the corporation’s insurance provider and to all the unit owners.

What about bare land condos?

The responsibilities of a bare land condominium are no different from a conventional condominium corporation, such as an apartment building or townhouse complex.  If the condominium bylaws state the corporation is responsible for insuring all standard finishes, an SIUD must be created.  If the bylaws state that the owners are responsible for reconstruction of their units, then an SIUD would not apply.  It is imperative that property mangers review the bylaws to confirm if an SIUD is needed or not. 

How do we get one?

If an SIUD has been provided by the developer, that SIUD must be used and it cannot be changed or altered.

If there was no SIUD provided by the developer, then a corporation may obtain one from a professional firm such as Normac.

Property mangers should review all disclosure documents to confirm if this has been created by the developer
or if the condo corporations needs to obtain one.

What sorts of finishes and fixtures does it include?

In their information publication, Service Alberta has determined that an SIUD must be created for each class type of a corporation and it should include all of the following fixtures and finishings:
  • floor coverings, wall coverings and ceiling coverings
  • electrical lines and fixtures, including lighting fixtures
  • plumbing lines and fixtures
  • natural gas lines and fixtures
  • fixtures with respect to air exchange and temperature control
  • walls that do not form the unit’s boundaries, and any windows and doors located in those walls
  • cabinets and counter tops
  • non-chattel appliances

what are class types?

In one condo corporation, there may be multiple class types. For example, a phased development with both townhomes and apartments would have at least two class types. An SIUD must be created for each class type and state which units fall under which class. 

How can our board adopt an SIUD into our by-laws?

According to the Government of Alberta, a corporation has three options to adopt an SIUD:

If the board approves the SIUD at a board meeting, it must be presented at the following AGM to be approved or amended by ordinary resolution. From here, it must then be registered with the land titles offices.

How do we register our SIUD with the Land Titles office?

All approved SIUDs, either obtained by the corporation or provided by the developer, must be registered with the Land Titles office by using this approved Government Form.

You can find more information on the Government of Alberta website, here.

What is normac's SIUD process?

Step One
Request SIUD Proposal
You can request an SIUD proposal through our REQUEST A QUOTE portal of our website, or by contacting one of our client services administrators.
Step One
Step Two
Choose Service Type
Self directed (Condo corporation to inspect standard unit and answer questionnaire) OR Normac inspected (Normac to conduct site visit and prepare SIUD). *Please note that all interior inspections are suspended due to the COVIDD-19 pandemic until further notice. Only self directed SIUDs are being offered at this time. A Property Information Collector will consult with you to ensure we are able to gather the correct information to deliver the SIUD outline.*
Step Two
Step Three
Authorize Quote
Once you receive and review the quote, send back a signed copy to authorize and initiate the next steps.
Step Three
Step Four
Option 1 - Normac to Conduct Site Visit
One of our professional Property Information Collectors will complete a visual inspection of at least one unit to determine all standard finishes and fixtures. We will then prepare the outline and deliver the SIUD to the board. *Not being offered at this time.*
Step Four
Step Four
Option 2 - Board to Complete SIUD Questionnaire
The condo board will designate one of their own to inspect a unit and make note of all standard fixtures and finishes. Using the information collected, the board member will submit Normac's online questionnaire for review, including any necessary building plans. Normac's expert team will review the submission for completion and accuracy and deliver the outline to the board. *This is the only option being offered at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team of professionals will assist you through this process and ensure you receive the support you need to complete your SIUD.*
Step Four
Step Five
Review and Adopt the SIUD
Once delivered, the condo corporation has the opportunity to review and amend the outline to ensure accuracy and consistency with the corporation's bylaws. The SIUD must voted in by the condo corporation at an AGM or SGM.
Step Five
Step Six
Register with Land Titles Office
Once the SIUD is approved by the corporation, the board must complete this form to register the SIUD with the Land Titles Office.
Step Six

Can I use the SIUD Outline from Normac right away?

In some instances, the board and condo corporation may choose to amend the standard finishes and fixtures listed in the SIUD Outline. This could be for several reasons, like if the unit inspected did not have all standard finishes, or if they would like to add further clarity.

After the outline is created, the SIUD must be voted in by the corporation and it must be registered with the Land Titles Offices in order for it to comply the Alberta Condominium Act.

What happens if a condo's insurance states it includes betterments?

A standard insurance unit description must account for the original fixtures and finishes of all units as a baseline.  If the condominium bylaws states that it includes betterments, a separate document must be created to account for all owner upgrades.

What should I do now?

You can also read our blogs about the Alberta Amendment Act Changes here and the implementation of Alberta Amendment Act Changes here.

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