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Townhome Complex

Building Type: Townhome Complex

Location: Edmonton, AB

Year Built: 2002

Client: Condo Board via Property Manager


This is a wood framed townhouse complex with 174 units in 27 buildings. Each building has three floors with unfinished basements, attached garages, balconies, and prewired security alarms, and basic site improvements including irrigation. There is a shared playground, gazebo, benches, and other hard and soft landscaping features. The roofing is made up of wood trusses and wood shingles.

The appraisal team must use our own notes from the site inspection and condo plans to identify and determine the different building areas, as well as measure the distance between each building for risk of fire spreading. The roof material is now becoming obsolete so we must account for a current, equivalent material to be used in a rebuild as part of our appraisal.