Hotel Condo Resort

Hotel Condo Resort

Building Type: Hotel Condo Resort

Location: Whistler, BC

Year Built: 2002

Client: Group Ownership

This Hotel Resort is a wood-framed Condo building. There are 71 residential suites and one commercial unit used as an office in one building. Included is a concierge desk, change rooms, common washrooms, housekeeping rooms, gym, lobby, mechanical rooms, concrete underground parkade, steam rooms, storage, vestibules, and various site improvements. 


All the suites are owned by individuals or businesses. The property ownership group has operational control over the property, which includes day-to-day operations, rentals for the suites, as well as maintenance and suite renewals. 


With this type of property, we often receive requests to estimate for replacement of all hotel contents. This includes all the portable furniture and equipment used in the day-to-day operation of the hotel.  Examples would include suite furniture and appliances, commercial kitchen equipment, lobby furniture, linens, housewares, audio/visual equipment, banquet inventory, and hardware inventory.