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Woodpeckers Hammer Kelowna Condominium with Costly Repairs

 (Photos: Keith Eisenkrein / Caroline Csak)

We came across an interesting article that highlights the damages to a 17 floor condominium building in Kelowna caused by woodpeckers.  Northern flicker woodpeckers have been rapping at the building’s siding panels for several years.   The result is not only damage to the building but hundreds of holes that welcome other birds to burrow and build their nests for their young.

The widespread presence of birds and their accompanying droppings has deterred many owners and residents from using their balcony decks, which is disappointing particularly given the spectacular nature of  Kelowna summers.   Now fed up with the birds, the strata council has elected to repair the damages and prevent this from happening again to the chirp of an estimated  $260,000.

Click here to read the original CBC article by Brady Strachan.

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