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social distancing best practices for property managers

Coronavirus in Condos: Best Practices for Property Managers

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, recommendations for our industry are constantly evolving. We have compiled a list of suggested best
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COVID19 Normac's Response

COVID-19: Normac’s Response

March 16, 2020 To our Normac Clients and Partners, RE:  COVID-19 UPDATE We appreciate how overwhelmed you must be with
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coronavirus in condos

How To Deal With Coronavirus in Condos

Last week, the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus (COVID-19) a national pandemic. Condominium corporations, directors of the board, and property
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What Can Condo Boards Do To Protect Themselves In This Hard Insurance Market

Hard Insurance Market: What Can Stratas / Condo Boards Do To Protect Themselves

Recently, we posted articles about the hard insurance market and its impacts on the BC condo housing market.  The news
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Are We Headed for a Collapse of the BC Condo Market?

CTV News Video: Insurance issues could cause B.C. condo market collapse, homeowners association warns A recent article from CTV News
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Toronto Construction Street View

Hard Insurance Market Persists Through 2020

As insurance companies experience significant losses, adjustments must be made for them to remain profitable. Whereas in the past, insurance
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Alberta Condominium Property Act Amendments Finalized

On January 1, 2020, the Phase III of Alberta Condominium Property Act Amendments took affect. This came after a six
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Alberta Amendment Act Paused for Review

Service Alberta recently put a halt to the regulation changes that were to be implemented under Phase II of the
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Climate Change and Canada’s Building Code

Climate change is among the top issues that Canada and many other countries have chosen to tackle. Our efforts to
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Standard Insurable Unit Description | Alberta

UPDATE – Phase II of the Condominium Property Act regulations have been paused for red tape review. Service Alberta has
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A Mock Strata Council Meeting for Okanagan Property Managers Takes Place in Kelowna

Normac co-sponsored a Professional Association of Managing Agents (PAMA) Educational Event on April 12th, 2019.  The breakfast seminar took place
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Building a Sustainable Future Through Passive House Designs

2018 has become a critical year for the global community as researchers have warned leaders and policy makers that the
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