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CHOA Condo Smarts: No Construction Approval for Needed Repairs

Dear Tony:  How does a strata corporation get a project to move forward when the owners keep voting against it?

Our strata is a 88 unit townhouse complex in the lower mainland that was built in the 80’s.  It is a typical design of 2 and 3 bedroom units, sloped roofing and wood siding.

Our owners have always kept strata fees extremely low, and as a result we have sadly neglected our buildings.  A neighbouring property identical to ours have paid higher strata fees, maintained their properties and are not facing any crisis.  Our property is not located in an area that is desirable for development, so we have no choice but to maintain our units and dig deep to pay for some major repairs.  We now have some serious leaks to our roofing and several locations where the wood cladding has literally fallen off the buildings.  Even with these serious problems, owners are still voting against the repairs.  We are desperate for some ideas on how to move forward as we cannot seem to get more than 65% of the owners to approve.

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