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Broken Elevators Causes ‘Crisis’ All Over Canada

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We came across an interesting article that highlights the concerns of Canadians over aging equipment and structural issues with faulty elevators. The maintenance and repair of elevators are becoming a major issue, especially in Canada’s largest cities. The result is not only the disruption and inconvenience to the residents, but the costs and lack of equipment needed to repair these elevators.

According to some elevator statistics in Ontario, the number of broken elevators and firefighter elevator rescues has increased substantially over the years due to population growth, an increasing aging population and a large increase in condos and apartments, especially in Toronto.

It appears that a handful of multinational companies controlling the industry are responsible for the lack of technicians and proper service. On top of that, about 1,550 of Ontario’s 18,000 residential building elevators are more than 25 years old, placing further strain on the already over-scheduled technicians.

In particular danger are elderly residents living in nursing homes. There have been multiple cases of the only elevators in the building breaking down and technicians not fixing the issue for months, leaving residents stranded on their floor, unable to take the stairs.

Click here to read the original CBC article by Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press.

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