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Strata Living – Trip and Fall Hazards

    By Alfred H Y Lam, BASc in Civil Engineering, IIT, CRP Normac Senior Depreciation Report Planner Most Stratas, whether through the collective help of owners or through the service of a professional, are diligent with snow removal come wintertime. Perhaps..

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    In the News – LED Light Is All It’s Cracked Up To Be

      Photo from   We came across this great article from that highlights the increasing prevalence of LED lights as a sustainable alternative to traditional light bulbs. Read the article below to learn more.   By Josephine Nolan, Chief Editor at Original..

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      What are Sectioned Stratas?

        Content by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.  To view the original post, click here.   Although the Real Estate Council does not enforce the Strata Property Act (the “SPA”), to appreciate how the requirements of RESA and the Council Rules..

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        What Are Insurance Appraisals Anyway?

          Have you heard the term “insurance appraisal” at your strata meeting and wondered what exactly it is and why it is needed?  Cameron Carter, President of Normac, gives us an in depth explanation as to what an insurance appraisal encompasses..

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