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Strata Fees: How Much Is Enough?

    Making sense of condominium strata fees; what is reasonable? what is too little? is a growing challenge. Lawyers, industry associations and owners are grappling with such questions at a time when high real estate costs already mean scant disposable income..

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    Strata Living – Trip and Fall Hazards

      By Alfred H Y Lam, BASc in Civil Engineering, IIT, CRP Normac Senior Depreciation Report Planner Most Stratas, whether through the collective help of owners or through the service of a professional, are diligent with snow removal come wintertime. Perhaps..

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      Depreciation Reports – Exterior Cladding

        In the fifth  blog post of our depreciation report building component series, Normac takes a look at exterior cladding and provides practical and helpful maintenance tips to expand this component’s lifespan.  Exterior Cladding The exterior cladding is one of the most..

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