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Dangerously Old Elevators

    A while back, we published this blog about old elevators in major Canadian cities leading to unanticipated repair and replacement costs for strata corporations. The causes are multi-fold; with so many elevators reaching the end of their life, and an increase..

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    Broken Elevators Causes ‘Crisis’ All Over Canada

       (Photo: Shutterstock) We came across an interesting article that highlights the concerns of Canadians over aging equipment and structural issues with faulty elevators. The maintenance and repair of elevators are becoming a major issue, especially in Canada’s largest cities. The..

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      Normac Presents on Mixed Use Developments

        Normac was pleased to be a part of IREM BC Chapter 50 and REIC Greater Vancouver Chapter Educational Seminar Summer Breakfast on June 21, 2016. The seminar’s focus was mixed use developments and air space parcels. The session was led by guest..

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        Strata Fees: How Much Is Enough?

          Making sense of condominium strata fees; what is reasonable? what is too little? is a growing challenge. Lawyers, industry associations and owners are grappling with such questions at a time when high real estate costs already mean scant disposable income..

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          Strata Living – Trip and Fall Hazards

            By Alfred H Y Lam, BASc in Civil Engineering, IIT, CRP Normac Senior Depreciation Report Planner Most Stratas, whether through the collective help of owners or through the service of a professional, are diligent with snow removal come wintertime. Perhaps..

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