Monthly Archives: January 2014

What Are Insurance Appraisals Anyway?

    Have you heard the term “insurance appraisal” at your strata meeting and wondered what exactly it is and why it is needed?  Cameron Carter, President of Normac, gives us an in depth explanation as to what an insurance appraisal encompasses..

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    Reducing Future Expenditures: BC Legislature Building

      In a recent article in the Globe and Mail, it was brought to light that the repairs of the BC legislature building could amount to millions of dollars with unknown future costs in the horizon. In this particular instance, the principles of a reserve fund could..

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      On Our Radar: Building Science Innovation

        As Building Science experts, it is important to always be attune to the technological innovations within our industry. At Normac, we are steadfast in our commitment to continuous education and knowledge enhancement in order to best serve our clients. Below..

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